Christmas 2016

With Christmas now a fading memory and new year resolutions taking its place, we can now look back and see if the festive period brought us joy and sales.

It was a bleak mid-winter for the High Street as sales fell in December for the fourth year in a row. Sales were 0.1% lower than in December 2015

However, what didn’t come down the chimney was delivered by online retailers as shoppers shifted more Christmas shopping to the internet.

Online sales were 19% higher than a year earlier.

What does this mean for traditional retailers? The simple answer lies in the shopper experience in store. Product availability on shelf should remain the main focus. A great promotion will only work if the stock is there to support it. At frontier we help brands and retailers keep the shelves fully stocked and the promotions working over the busy shopping period.

Christmas link-saves must have all the relevant products available in store and the offer needs to be clearly communicated to the shopper.

The compliance to in store promotions in the build up to Christmas is crucial to a successful December. The details that determine if a promotion will work are what frontier does best. Christmas is too important to be left to chance.