Do retail promotions always work?


There are a number of factors that will determine the success of a promotion at retail. Not least of these are the issues that surround the compliance to the promotion at store level.

The single biggest factor that will make or break a promotion is stock availability. All too often we see promotions that cannot be delivered in store because there is insufficient stock to support the activity. This is particularly true when extra space has been negotiated in store to support the promotion, e,g, gondola ends & displays units.

The extra space needs to be considered when allocating the promotional stock to each store. A retailer’s stock control system will need to be manipulated to ensure that there is sufficient stock available to fully maintain the display space. There is a constant battle for space in every store so always remember: “use it or lose it”. If there is no promotional stock available to support the space allocated then the empty space will immediately be filled by other products, and this may even include a competitor’s brand.

We work with brands and retailers to ensure that proper promotional planning takes place long before the offer arrives at store. This can mean liaising with store managers prior to a campaign to override stock control systems and to make every store aware of what is required to maximise the potential of the retail promotion.