Does internet shopping spell the end for retailers?


It was 1995 when Amazon first began selling online, and although they didn’t post a profit until 2003 the stage was set for a retail revolution. Or should we perhaps refer to it as an evolution. Shoppers now want more from their retail experience rather than just price. With a quick click you can find out if you are getting the best price in the market, so how should retailer differentiate themselves? He answer is “convenience”. The retailer must acknowledge that the shopper go online for the same product, so they have to make the sale there and then. That means that product has to be available, be well displayed and with a clear offer. Never has the mantra “right place right time” been more true than on today’s retail shelves

We have spent the last 15 years providing retail solutions to brands that want to get noticed at retail. Over this period the challenges have become ever greater and more important than ever before.