Food To Go – meeting the challenge

The Food To Go category in retailers looks very different now than it did a few years ago. The meal deal would often have consisted of a sugary fizzy drink, a sandwich and a confectionery item/potato crisps.

The category now includes the arrival of a wide range of healthier options. These include dried fruit, nuts, seeds, popcorn, protein foods, health bars and a variety of other new and exciting products.

The space for traditional confectionery has been reduced in the category to make way for these new healthier alternatives. The challenge for retailers and brands is to keep pace with these changes.

Browsing has become an increasing feature of what use to be a planned purchase. Consumers are trying to keep up with the range of alternatives that are on offer and the health benefits or otherwise of each new product.

On shelf availability and promotional compliance are critical in this category to secure the product listing and to drive sales. Regular merchandising and product signage is vital to maintain a presence on these heavily shopped shelves.

At Frontier we can help brands and retailers through our regular callage to these stores. We can ensure availability prior to key sales peaks during the day by tailoring our retail visits to these time slots.

The move towards healthier convenience foods is here to stay, the unanswered question is who will be able to stay ahead in this growing market.