Frontier – WFH – stay safe + keep positive

WFH – stay safe + keep positive

3 Ways to keep our work ethic strong when WFH

We appreciate that these unprecedented times are daunting to navigate, and working from home feels really strange. The Frontier team have been working from home for nearly 2 weeks & its slowly beginning to feel the new normal but we all feel the difficulty adjusting to our new way of life.

As we work closely in the retail sector and spend a lot of our time managing our merchandisers as they head into stores – so, what does working from home look like for us?

We’ve come up with 3 things that we have found to be essential in order to keep our work ethic strong.

1. Keep Connected

Keeping in constant communication with one another is so important. Working from home is a drastic change for us as – usually – we’re always in conversation in the office, or on the phone to merchandisers, so sitting in front of a computer all day can feel rather lonely.

Daily conference calls set us up for the day and update one another on projects. In addition to this, we have a WhatsApp group chat for all those little questions.

We are staying social too so keep up with us @frontierfm on instagram & twitter

It’s really important to keep everyone motivated during this strange time, and checking in with work colleagues should be at the top of your list.

2. Plastic – Free Tuesday

Having recently introduced Plastic-Free Tuesday to do our bit in helping reduce unnecessary single-use plastic consumption. We had found that bringing in a home-made lunch seemed to be the answer – and it’s usually a lot healthier, and yummier! If we were not able to abide by these rules, we faced a fine of £1 per piece of single-use plastic and this money will go towards a charity of our choice. So, how do we continue this at home?

Thankfully, working from home means we’re eating a lot less shop bought sandwiches and pasta pots and more homemade lunches, however, food waste is now a huge issue. Along with everyone stock-piling food comes food waste.

It has been estimated that Britain has hoarded £1bn worth of food over the past fortnight and it’s shocking to think of the consequences of this. Therefore, we have pledged to make every brown banana into banana bread and every softening vegetable into soup!

3. Health & Wellbeing

Waking up before work and taking the dog for a walk has gone out the window along with going to the gym after work, so we’re needing to find a new quick and easy way to stay healthy throughout the day.

Although it may be hard to begin with, mimicking your usual daily routine is the best way to stay healthy – emotionally and physically. No longer having that daily commute to and from work means you can take extra care of yourself – take the time to pamper yourself in the morning, make a yummy, nutritious breakfast instead of grabbing toast as you head out the door and throw in a bit of exercise!

Meanwhile we are all looking forward to the time when we can all get back into the life that we all know & we counting down the days until this is all over.

Stay safe + keep positive