Stock replenishment

Periods of non-availability reduce the chances that a product will be kept on shelf

empty shelves = lost sales

Stock replenishment on shelf can be achieved through regular merchandising

Promotional compliance

In store promotions are a key tool to increase sales for a product

A successful promotion is dependent on a number of factors happening at the same time:

Stock availability, store communications, POS material

Planograms & shelf display

Space…the final frontier. And this was never more applicable than on a retail shelf

Adherence to planograms will determine the success of a product listing

We ensure the compliance to space on shelf, product adjacencies, stock availability

Retail Audits

A retailer needs to know their fixture assets in all stores

We provide detailed in store surveys to find out what exists and where

All our reporting is supported by store photographs

POS Design & Manufacture

All point of sale material needs to combine aesthetics with practically

The offer needs to be clear and effective

The POS footprint must suit the store and hold sufficient stock

Shopper Insights

What is the difference between a customer and a consumer?

What is the shoppers’ journey for the product category?

We find the answers to these questions to optimise the shopper experience

Product Demonstrations & Sampling

Customers often need to experience or taste the product before purchasing

We provide experienced teams to demonstrate complex products

Sampling allows consumers to engage with the brand

Epos Evaluation

Evaluating sales history allows a targeted approach to stores

Knowing what sells where and why can improve the shopper offer

We analyse sales data by product by store to give a detailed national picture

Sales Initiatives

We can priced sales team for one store or a national campaign

Our field teams can train store staff about the brand and the products

We convert the product experience into actual sales