Back to School 2017

Back to School Surprisingly to some Back to School is the second biggest seasonal shopping period of the year after Christmas. Retail ramped up the offers & instore experience to make this promotional period fun, interesting with some great deals & creative promotions. Retail Gazette reported  “total sales rose 2.4 per cent as shoppers splashed out […]


Christmas 2016

With Christmas now a fading memory and new year resolutions taking its place, we can now look back and see if the festive period brought us joy and sales. It was a bleak mid-winter for the High Street as sales fell in December for the fourth year in a row. Sales were 0.1% lower than […]



Do retail promotions always work?

There are a number of factors that will determine the success of a promotion at retail. Not least of these are the issues that surround the compliance to the promotion at store level. The single biggest factor that will make or break a promotion is stock availability. All too often we see promotions that cannot […]