How technology can improve retail compliance

Smartphone penetration in the UK increased from 52% to 81% of the population in the four years to May 2016. This increased in the use of smartphones has had a huge benefit on how we collect data at store level

It has meant that brands can now have real time data on how their products are performing at retail.

Our field teams now use a Reporting APP to record what is happening in store. This is supported by photographs from each store. It can include planogram compliance, on shelf availability, promotional implementation and even competitor analysis.

It means brands and retailers now have instant access to what is happening on shelf across all their stores without even leaving their desk!

The real time reporting allows key decision makers to instantly react to what is happening in their stores. Actual data now replaces the anecdotal feedback on which decisions were previously based.

Please contact us if you would like to know what is happening to your brand in store.